Day 3 Events

January 15 2015

The evening show at Maati Ke Rang 2015 saw the display of an array of cultures from the nations that India is surrounded by. The International Folk Dance Show was held at the NEZCC complex in Dimapur from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

The program started a scintillating performance by Waluniba Lemtur who played western classical music on guitar—fluid and perfect notes streamed from his fingers. Chief Guest for the program, Kavita Acharya, wife of the Governor of Nagaland, then felicitated the winners of the mini marathon held on January 13.

The international programs began with a soothing delivery of timeless ghazals by Alok Kumar Sen and his team from Bangladesh. The powerful performances from the international brethren continued with the Shazaam Dance from Bhutan, a Duet Dance and two more performances from Myanmar, the Tharu people’s Dance of Nepal, an Ethnic Costume Show, ending with Thang Ta martial arts from Manipur (this time playing with fire).