International Artist at Maati Ke Rang 2015

Jan 13 - 17 2015


Myanmar was represented by the Myanmar Theatrical Association from Yangon. With dramatic poses and unique clothing, the troupe was very happy, and grateful, to have presented their dance to the people of the India, especially the North East. They are ever willing to come back here in the future, the Association members said.

Bangladesh came with its string of Ghazal classics. It was represented by Dr. Alok Kumar Sen and his group who played a range of instruments, including harmonium, table, guitar, keyboard and octropad (electronic drum).

Bhutan presented the traditional Pacham dance. This is the dance of heroes and heroines. It is performed during Bhutan’s National Festival and also for welcoming a chief guest during special occasions. It is danced by men dressed in six coloured robes and painted headdresses. The accompanying instruments are the cymbal and a small drum

Nepal presented the Tharu folk dance showcasing the diversity of cultures in South Asia, yet many of them sharing similar strings of producing beats. In this, men and women produce rhythm by clicking bamboo sticks with each other.