Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Northeast India

India is a South Asian country, that contains 29 states and 6 union territory, Delhi being the capital of the country. India is the largest country, holding a sixth position in the world’s population. India is a place where you can find all types of culture together, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, and Muslims. There are many significant places that are popular in India, the Taj Mahal and many forts are surrounded in Rajasthan, backwater places in Kerala, very few persons wish to go to North-East India to meet tribes. In this blog, we have listed the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit North-East India in detail for your travel guide.

North-East India is present between Bangladesh, Tibet, Bhutan, and Myanmar. It contains the majority of tribal lands and still people who follow their culture as, like ancient days, you can also find rare species of wild animals, beautiful natural scenery, diversity, people and culture. North-East India is not as popular as other places, in recent days only people started noticing the region and tourism has developed, now it is changing into a new destination. The North-East Indian states are also called the Seven Sister States.

Why You Should Visit Northeast India

1. Tribal People And There Culture  

North-East India is completely different from other places in the world that still follow their ancient culture for ages. It is the place where you can meet many authentic tribal people who are completely away from modern culture. There are more than 200 tribes who look unique, still, follow opium smoking, headhunter tribes from Nagaland, tattoos around there face, Apatani tribes from Ziro Valley worship sun and moon. The other interesting thing is the tribal festival, they celebrate with lots of vibrant color, music and still follow the traditional way of worship.

 2. Rare Species Of Wild Animals  

North-East India is a place which is still evergreen in recent days. There are many UNESCO listed national parks, where you can find many rare species of animals in their own habitat. You have the provision to travel using safaris to explore animals. Kaziranga National park in Assam which has one-horned rhinos, Manas wildlife sanctuary in Assam has many endangered species of animals, Nokrek National park in Meghalaya contains red pandas, tigers, elephant, rare breeds of macaques and marbled cats.

 3. Tibetan Culture 

Northeast India is surrounded by borders of Tibet and mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. In Tawang region is a place where you can find colorful Tibetan prayer flags. There is much religious art present in Tibet like a wide range of paintings, frescos, statues, ritual objects, coins, ornaments, and furniture. Tibetan rug is a type of ancient form of art and craft followed by Tibetan people. Tibetan architecture is influenced by Chinese and Indian approaches.  

 4. Unspoiled Nature and Scenery  

Northeast India is a place that is covered by unspoiled nature and diverse scenery in India. The Himalayas are the most adorable natural place that is followed by grassy plains of Assam, beautiful forest coverage area, waterfalls in Meghalaya. Nature is still fresh, cool, the scenery is exotic and did not get spoiled by nature.

 5. Beaten Track 

North-East India has authentic places, with beaten tracks. The World has faced many modernizations, the beaten track is being still used by peoples in North-East India without destroying nature. The people are so genuine and you can feel closer with them. 


North-East India is a place, which is surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery. Tourism has made many arrangements to experience the region using safari, has relaxed permit issues and travel arrangements. The best place to visit the unspoiled nature